So now that the trick or treaters have left the building, a lot of us have started thinking about the holidays that are coming up and the plans & goals for 2018. Truthfully, I always get stressed out by the end of the year. The urge to get lots of projects and things on my to do list checked off gets bigger, in the hopes I can start the year fresh and relaxed. (Although... when did that actually ever happen?)


Thanks to the Carrefour Bullet Journal by Kelly Deriemaeker, the process of the end-of-the-year rush might get a bit more stress-free and less chaotic. As many of you know, I'm a big nerd when it comes to organizing, especially since everything going on in my head is one big mess, I can certainly use some structure.

From planning your christmas meals, grocery lists, 2018 goals, exercise schedules, to mealprep planning, menu-ideas, braindumps,... there's nothing you can't track in your personal Bullet Journal and that's the beauty of it all! No more sticky notes covering your desk, endless to do lists and too many different notebooks, just collect it all together in one place instead; your Bullet Bible!

Get organized too & free up some extra time! When ordering your groceries (until 16/12) at Carrefour Drive, you'll be receiving weekly tips & tricks from Kelly herself on how to get started. Didn't get your Bullet Journal yet? Customer Service will help you out! (just give them a ring-a-ding-ding: 0800 9 10 11) Let's get crackin'!

Thank you STRAFF Design & KIM. for the beautiful decorations in these pictures.

Thank you STRAFF Design & KIM. for the beautiful decorations in these pictures.