Don't let your magical travels fade

This summer we had a super exciting vacation planned to Senegal - together with my boyfriend's family. I'd never been outside of Europe - except America - so I didn't know what to expect whatsoever. Adventure garanteed!

Staying at the ‘Royal Decameron Baobab’ resort was pure bliss, although the contrast of the people living outside these ‘walls’ couldn’t have been bigger.
We decided quickly we wanted someone to guide us around, since we obviously didn’t have a clue where to start. Together we visited Ile de Gorée (House of Slaves), swam in Lac Rose, enoyed a wild jeep ride at the Paris-Dakar route, discovered the (fish)market and it’s remarkable smells,… & so much more! But the thing that I enjoyed the most was the super hospitable tribe we got to meet. They showed us around with everlasting smiles on their faces. The kids were very enthused to meet us and many laughters were shared when we grabbed our camera and we all took a selfie together - with the result to be seen in an instant. They sang songs for their strange visitors and learned us some crazy dance moves – a moment never to forget!

We shouldn't let these pictures & awesome moments just sit on your computer to be forgotten. That’s why I decided to make photoalbums of our adventures for me & fellow travellers, so we’d all be able to share our stories easily with friends and family. Why let these magical travels fade away? Be sure to check out the blog soon, since I'll be sharing my favorite pictures from our trip!

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