Years ago I used to be all about kitsch decorations and seventies (inspired) goodies cluttering up my apartment. Thankfully, those days are long gone and I've grown to love a more minimal setting. Me & Yoni had the honor to host a Halloween event for a fun selected bunch of girls and this was the result of our Halloween table decorating colab.


As you can see, you don't need a lot of crazy items to make your table Halloween-proof. It will  even look better if you only have a few eye-catchers, while you leave the rest crisp & clean. Provide your guests with some scary snacks (vampire teeth, oranges with scary faces,...), buy a (skull) garland, add black flowers (I spraypainted them myself) and put them in playful & colorful vases, find some cute napkins that match your color scheme (without going overboard) and last but not least; add skulls and other scary decorations. If you can't find any deco to your liking, why not spraypaint or redecorate the tacky ones you still have on your attic and make them look super awesome again? It doesn't have to be complicated for it to look great!