Dream a little dream come true - WITH DREAMDROP

So there you have it, 2015! I bet you've made some New Year's resolutions, didn't you? Although every day can be a brand new start, I do love to ponder about which dreams I'd like to chase the coming year. Some things might pop back upon my list year after year, but I do love to see the progress I've made in some areas. And that, my darlings, feels OH-SO good.


I'm happy to introduce my friend Elfi from 'Glam@Heart' who launched her new project 'Dreamdrop' a few days ago. I don't know about you, but I'm a Pinterest addict and I create moodboards all-the-damn-time, but this one makes it extra special. Dreamdrop is the perfect tool for us dreamers out there; to reflect on last year's goals, to create your moodboard online & send your dreams into the galaxy. Save it, print it out and hang it in a place you can't ignore and who knows…  your dreams might come true sooner than hoped for!

Before you make your moodboard, I asked Elfi some questions about Dreamdrop and how to get started.

◆ Hi Elfi, congratulations on your new project! How does Dreamdrop exactly work?

Elfi: It's actually really simple, everyone can dream! The only thing you have to do is follow your heart and collect different kind of images; such as things you want to achieve, places you want to explore, etc. - it can be anything, really! Some people might dream of a new place to live, others would love to travel around the world, learn to play the guitar or publish their own poetry book. There are big and small dreams and the fun part: there is no time restriction!  Once you've collected the images, you can use the Dreamdrop tool to make some kind of 'collage' - a moodboard. There's also the possibility to fill in the description box, where you can write down all of your dreams and wishes or how you'd like to take action to realize yours. And there you go! In only three easy steps you've taken the first big one to accomplish your dreams!

Can you give us some tips and tricks on how to create a moodboard?

First of all, I close my eyes and start to daydream. But also scrolling down Instagram, Pinterest,… might give me inspiration. I collect all the images and save them into a folder. Some images I won't use after all, some can give alternative insights. It might render your subconsciousness into something your heart is yearning for. A year later, everyone gets their moodboard sent by e-mail and I find THIS to be the most fun of all: looking back and recognizing things in this magical moodboard.

Do you have any advice on how to make dreams come true?

Action and perseverance. Taking steps, not being afraid to fail and taking 'no' as a motivation, making you go for it all the way! This works best for me, but dreams are something personal. Others might need some more time or opt for a more structural approach. I'm very impulsive and for me this is the way to go. 'Dream and do' instead of looking back and thinking 'what if'.  Be yourself and let your heart speak. Go for it, don't think, just DO!

Do you have any other future plans for Dreamdrop?

Of course, this is only the beginning! Firstly I want to work on some other projects and dreams myself. That's why I use this tool a lot. I certainly have other plans and surprises in mind, but I'll share it with you all when the time's ripe.

Will there also be an English version of Dreamdrop next to the Dutch one?

We've really thought about an English version and I do think we really need one. We've worked on this project with only the three of us in such a short amount of time. If Dreamdrop really takes off, we'd love to make the rest of the world dream along with us! It's a universal language!

Thank you so much and good luck with Dreamdrop and your future projects, Elfi!

Underneath, you can find my moodboard I've created with Dreamdrop.



My dreams for 2015? More time for my love, friends & family | Declutter & organize - less is more | Feed my wanderlust & travel travel travel | Take better care of my health | A succesful business | Save more money for my future plans

What are your dreams for this year? I'm utterly curious!