You don't want to go overboard on Halloween & you still want to look somewhat classy? Why don't you make yourself a beautiful flower crown? I know you can find them in many shops, but if you want an impressive one, you might have to pay more than you truly want to. Plus, you'll get bonus points because you did it yourself!


I promise, I'm not tricking (or am I? ;-)) you into anything and it won't take up a lot of your time. Just switch off the tv for an evening and get crafty, it'll make you feel calm and relaxed - a prefect way to end your day!


  • a big ribbon
  • plastic/fabric flowers
  • black spray paint
  • scissors
  • a sewing kit


It's seriously easy peasy. Spray paint the flowers black and let them dry for a few hours. Now you'll have enough time to prep some food, get that laundry & dishwashing done - good times, indeed! Put on your favorite podcast to get into the zone and light a candle to make things extra cosy. You can give your flowers another layer of paint in between, but I decided not to do that, since I liked the way bits of colors were still showing.
Now it's time to get crackin'! Cut pieces of flowers you'd like on your headpiece and make a nice composition. Sew each flower separate on the ribbon and don't forget to fit it regularly. You might find spots that need that extra umph - maybe a leaf here or there can spice things up. Don't worry if you're no a sewing queen, I'm not either! But here's a little secret: nobody will ever know! (since nobody will ever see the back of the ribbon, unless you show them... you naughty thing!) Just go with your gut - you're the master of your own creation!

And there you you have it; a beautiful flower headpiece made with your very own hands! I feel like I can join the 'American Horror Story' coven together with my scary twin sister, how about you?