One year after an emotional draining break-up, Sarah finally started to find peace in her life and with herself. A 'Free Spirit shoot' helped her in the search for self-confidence and I had the pleasure to have her in front of my lens. The shoot was an eye-opener for her, as it helped her to see the true beauty she is - which was always crystal clear to me. Sometimes words just aren't enough, but images do speak for themselves.


Not everyone has the possibility to invest in photoshoots, yet everybody deserves to feel awesome, while letting their true beauty get captured! That's why I'm organizing a 'Free Spirit' Mini-shoot Day on Saturday the 24th of September* at the Belgian seaside.

It's basically the smaller version of a regular 'FREE SPIRIT' shoot, but we already have a date set and we'll be having several shoots planned with beautiful ladies (just like you!) at the same location that day.


  • 30 min. of one-on-one shooting on Saturday the 24th of september*
  • At least 25 professionally edited high resolution digital files**
  • Transport costs (only in Belgium)

A 'Free Spirit' Mini-Shoots is €135 (price excl. 21% VAT/BTW)

*If we're lucky enough (being sarcastic here) to enjoy the rainy Belgian weather, we might have to reschedule this day to Sunday the 2nd of october, so make sure you're free on both days!
**Prints, albums or canvases of your images aren't included, but are available for purchase!
Add €35 for additional subject(s). Pets welcome and at no additional charge.

Be quick & schedule your mini-shoot by emailing: info@femlee.com

KIM.: Squarespace design + postcards

I'm super excited to share this project with you! My friend Kim has an interior & design store and she decided to get a webshop as well. I had the pleasure to design her Squarespace site and webshop & seven minimal 'feel good' postcards you'll be getting along each order as a little 'thank you'.

Visit KIM. right here: www.kiminteriordesign.com

Visit KIM. right here: www.kiminteriordesign.com

I really love the simplicity of it all and the clean look, which is exactly what Kim stands for - less is more, also when it comes to decorating. She'll be starting off small with the webshop, but don't forget to check back regulary, since we'll be adding a lot of new things in the near future! Enjoy!