Don't let your magical travels fade

This summer we had a super exciting vacation planned to Senegal - together with my boyfriend's family. I'd never been outside of Europe - except America - so I didn't know what to expect whatsoever. Adventure garanteed!

Staying at the ‘Royal Decameron Baobab’ resort was pure bliss, although the contrast of the people living outside these ‘walls’ couldn’t have been bigger.
We decided quickly we wanted someone to guide us around, since we obviously didn’t have a clue where to start. Together we visited Ile de Gorée (House of Slaves), swam in Lac Rose, enoyed a wild jeep ride at the Paris-Dakar route, discovered the (fish)market and it’s remarkable smells,… & so much more! But the thing that I enjoyed the most was the super hospitable tribe we got to meet. They showed us around with everlasting smiles on their faces. The kids were very enthused to meet us and many laughters were shared when we grabbed our camera and we all took a selfie together - with the result to be seen in an instant. They sang songs for their strange visitors and learned us some crazy dance moves – a moment never to forget!

We shouldn't let these pictures & awesome moments just sit on your computer to be forgotten. That’s why I decided to make photoalbums of our adventures for me & fellow travellers, so we’d all be able to share our stories easily with friends and family. Why let these magical travels fade away? Be sure to check out the blog soon, since I'll be sharing my favorite pictures from our trip!

Share your favorite summer photo & win a 30 euro Smartphoto gift voucher
! Read everything on how to participate on the 'Hello Sunshine' blog. GOOD LUCK!


Not everyone has the possibility to invest in photoshoots, yet everybody deserves to feel awesome, while letting their true beauty get captured! That's why I'm organizing a 'Free Spirit' Mini-shoot Day on Saturday the 24th of September* at the Belgian seaside.

It's basically the smaller version of a regular 'FREE SPIRIT' shoot, but we already have a date set and we'll be having several shoots planned with beautiful ladies (just like you!) at the same location that day.


  • 30 min. of one-on-one shooting on Saturday the 24th of september*
  • At least 25 professionally edited high resolution digital files**
  • Transport costs (only in Belgium)

A 'Free Spirit' Mini-Shoots is €135 (price excl. 21% VAT/BTW)

*If we're lucky enough (being sarcastic here) to enjoy the rainy Belgian weather, we might have to reschedule this day to Sunday the 2nd of october, so make sure you're free on both days!
**Prints, albums or canvases of your images aren't included, but are available for purchase!
Add €35 for additional subject(s). Pets welcome and at no additional charge.

Be quick & schedule your mini-shoot by emailing:

KIM.: Squarespace design + postcards

I'm super excited to share this project with you! My friend Kim has an interior & design store and she decided to get a webshop as well. I had the pleasure to design her Squarespace site and webshop & seven minimal 'feel good' postcards you'll be getting along each order as a little 'thank you'.

Visit  KIM.  right here:

Visit KIM. right here:

I really love the simplicity of it all and the clean look, which is exactly what Kim stands for - less is more, also when it comes to decorating. She'll be starting off small with the webshop, but don't forget to check back regulary, since we'll be adding a lot of new things in the near future! Enjoy!


I'm very happy to finally announce the 'Free Spirit' shoot! Celebrate yourself & your body as it is in all it's glory while capturing your true beauty in nature or your bohemian home. No need to hide your imperfections, be wild & free from doubt. Let's shine bright & set your soul free while embracing your spark!


  • A one-on-one 'Free Spirit' shoot (about 1-2 hrs. of exploring & shooting)
  • At least 50 professionally edited high resolution digital files*
  • Transport costs (only in Belgium)
  • The first 10 bookings will get extra spoiled by receiving a'Free Spirit' photo box with a few super fun items included, such as a candle, chocolates, a beauty product,... It's an ideal gift for yourself OR a precious friend!

    'Free Spirit' shoots are €275 (price excl. 21% VAT/BTW)
    *Prints, albums or canvases of your images aren't included, but are available for purchase!
    Add €35 for additional subject(s). Pets welcome and at no additional charge.

'Beauty is defined by depth of the heart
& freedom of the spirit.'


  • Be your amazing self
  • Bring different kind of outfits, props & accessories (bohemian, natural, sensual) that you don't mind getting wet or dirty.
  • Find photos that inspire you
  • Think about location and where you’d like to shoot your pictures.
  • Would you like to get your make-up done for your shoot? Ask us about hiring Yoni Baeyens, a professional make-up artist, to do your make-up before your shoot.

Book your summer/autumn session by sending an e-mail to